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Good Places in the Luzon

July 29th, 2013 Posted in Computers

Laguna- one of Philippines wonderful provinces is situated at the foothill of Mt. Makiling, Mount Banahaw, and also the Sierra Madre Range. It is endowed with limitless gifts of mother nature – the mountains and forests, lakes, rivers, waterfalls and hot springs. South East Asia’s largest fresh water lake – LagunaDeBay encompasses the Area. In this lake’s edge rests a tiny crater bay known as Crocodile Lake which makes it a lake within a lake. Hiking, trekking and mountaineering could also be appreciated in the mystical Makiling.

Laguna Resorts range from nature to hot spring types. Caliraya Lake between the villages of Cavinti and Lumban is a perfect example for water sports such as fishing, wind surfing, water skiing, and sailing.The strong mountain breeze that comes from Sierra Madre Mountain Ranges and far off Mt. Banahaw and the lake’s deep waters make it an interesting place for water adventure. Additionally, navigating the rough terrain that trails the mountain slopes has always been a thrilling journey in Dalitiwan River in Botocan, Majayjay wherein tourists can witness the river’s strong current of extremely cold waters. For the adrenaline excitment of shooting the rapids, adventurers go to the famous Pagsanjan Falls in which adept boatmen navigate thrill seekers’ boat through the rocks and streams to arrive at the cascades of its pure, pristine, and calming mountain water.

Throughout the months of September to April, the Laguna is pretty dry, however it’s soaked for the rest of the rest of the months for a small portion close to its Southern districts. Similar climate may also be observed in the western municipalities of Laguna, near its capitol Sta. Cruz. This is why, the western municipalities have been saturated with lots of private pools and resorts, making Laguna a perfect summer season destination for those inhabiting nearby the Philippines capital – Manila.

Natural as well as man-made hot springs resorts are abound in the towns of Calamba and Los Banos which are situated at the foot of Mount Makiling. Invigorating one’s soul and providing new vigor to the body may just be the positive effects of staying deep into the water. Great options can be had from among the 500 Laguna resorts within these towns be it for family adventure, company outings, wedding receptions, or just for the fun of swimming while experiencing the the cool mountain breeze and basking on a sunny day. The City of Spring Resort, Splash Mountain Resort, La Vista Pansol, and Hidden Valley Springs are just few of them. Resorts in Laguna are conveniently accessible since Laguna is barely a 2-hour commute from Manila via SLEX. It is also known as the Detroit of the Philippines because this Resort Capital of the Philippines is a flourishing center for business activities.

The coantent creator has visited the Sagada’s magnificent mountain ranges, enjoyed batangas beach resorts, dived in Anilao’s beaches, climbed Mount Arayat and many others. He loves bragging about his new adventures. To get more detailed information, you can join him at resorts and private pools.

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