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Recently, more than nine billion Canadian dollars are expended on travel and tourism every summer

August 6th, 2012 Posted in business

In excess of nine billion dollars is spent on travel and tourism each year. Travellers from all over Canada, the US and the Caribbean visit to cities, beaches and hotels to do exciting things such as gliding, snorkling, visiting museums and discovering new landmarks to see and city architecture to visit.

A type of tourists would rather go to hot weather vacation spots such as Cancun, Barbados and Jamaica. These travellers are labelled sun holiday makers and they usually want sandy beaches, hot places and somewhere where they can get a tan. Other types of tourists however have different tastes and would prefer to visit cities and towns that they have not visited beforehand. They favour travel that is inland, meaning to vacation in and travel to cities within the continent of Canada and the United States. Such cities as Cleveland, San Diego and Toronto are often on top of the list of many of that type of traveller.

These types of tourists are usually interested in exploring everything which these wonderful cities have to offer. They are attracted to the new tastes that the city has to offer, the fine dining, the drinking and the different style of architecture. It is not surprising that in a city such as New York an exciting thing to do is to go up the Empire state building. Travellers to Florida visit Walt Disney, and tourists in Toronto climb the CN tower, most use the elevator while some decide to brave the 1770 steps to the observation deck.

An important aspect of truly enjoying the local continental travel is to know where to go and how to get there. Hence what is the most suitable transport for these tourists to experience a city and enjoy all the attractions? One way is to do do some research to find the best places to visit and the most interesting things to see. The tourists would be able to put together a plan that would include all these elements to make the best use of his or her time durig their stay in the city. Another way is to know some local residents and learn from them about the most interesting places to visit and things to see, this is easily done today since the introduction of many forums, meet-up and discussion groups that can let people to share information with other tourists anywhere in the world.

The most exciting option however is hiring a limo in the city that you are visiting. Often, many of the limousine service providers that provide service also offer exploration tours with an experienced chauffeur who knows the city well and is generally a local who grew up in the city and knows the best attractions to visit. The advantage of this choice is that not only do you get to experience the most interesting attractions in the city, but also you get to experience it in style, in a super stretch luxury limousine that can transport you anywhere you choose to go at whatever time you prefer. It is the best way of visiting a city that is exciting, relaxed. pleasant and fun.

Picture this, you’re travelling to a new city such as Toronto and are experiencing it through the window of a luxurious stretch limousine. It is something that most will keep as memories. Many Toronto limousine rental companies can sometimes help with selecting the right vehicle and offer free pick up and drop off services from Pearson airport. Reputable providers will also help you choose a limo that fits your specific needs and can accommodate the entire friends regardless of the number of people that you are travelling with.

Travel is about discovering new and exciting attractions and doing things you’ve never done before. That is why it should be a remarkable and fun event, and through proper preparation and using all means available, the traveller are able to truly relish the experience in any city.

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